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“Ways to make your Hair Color last longer.”

Ways To Make Your Hair Color Last Longer
When you leave the hair salon with a great hair color, no client should be without the following information. These are some of the things we talk about and advice to our happy clients. Obviously, we always recommend using nothing but professional salon products, as our shampoos and conditioners rate among the top rated for quality. When purchasing a product with a very low price, beware, quality does not come cheap. I decided that while I pass on some advice, I would keep this post generic, so that you may better understand how to take good care of that hair.  We’ll take great care of your hair at SALON MAFFEI, and we hope you follow in the same manner at home. When you have any questions, don’t ever hesitate to have a consultation with one of our experts, or just call us on the phone too. Here we go!:
1. When you go to the gym,apply some coconut oil onto hair’s ends and braid it before exercising, the heat released from your scalp will help to keep moisture in your hair.

2. Check out your water by conducting a simple PH test, if you find that you have hard water, add a filtering system to remove mineral sediments. These are the enemies that make blonde hair dull and brunette strands brassy, and also not very kind to your skin.

3. Simple home remedies sometimes are great too. Once a month, mix one part apple cider vinegar with three parts water, and use the mixture to rinse your strands after your regular shampoo and conditioner routine. The rinse will freshen highlights and boost shine by removing the dulling mineral buildup that’s accumulated on the hair shaft. Read on:

4. As good as hot showers feel, you’ve probably heard that they’re a recipe for dry, rough skin. Super hot water opens the cuticle and washes away the dye too!

5. Maintain color and boost shine between sessions by scheduling a glossing treatment once a month. The glossing acts like a topcoat you get during a manicure. Because there is no ammonia, It adds a shiny coat and locks the color in. Plus, picking the right color gloss, will help to neutralize any brassiness and seal the hair’s cuticle so it reflects light and looks fresh. Try the treatment as often as once a month.
6. Spring and summer’s heat can devastate hair color. It’s especially important to protect your color from UV rays, which will fade your shade. Sometimes wearing a hat or scarf when outdoors to keep your color bright is not a bad idea. Using a sun screen at the beach on your hair is also a great idea, since it has UV protection.
7. Brushing your hair is also a key part in keeping hair healthy and your color looking its best. Look for a brush with a mix of boar bristles and nylon fibers, which will protect your hair (and its color) by distributing the scalp’s natural oils over the entire shaft.

8. Don’t do your own color in between services….EVER! As tempting as it may be to reach for a drugstore root touch-up kit, leave it on the shelf. The pigments aren’t tailored to your existing color, they can completely botch your look, and make our job twice as hard when it is time to visit the salon.

9. For longer lasting color that grows out seamlessly, consider Balayage, any highlighting or hand painting  technique. Speak to any of our hair stylists about the different coloring options available. 

10.If there’s one thing just about every colorist will agree on, it’s that washing your hair frequently does more harm than good. While it may be a good thing for your scalp, the detergents meant to get grime off your scalp cause color to fade faster. Try a Dry shampoo and definitely use Sulfate free cleansers.
11. Pump up your conditioner. Jojoba oil is closest to the oil the scalp naturally produces. It helps balance sebum production and can be used to eliminate oily scalp problems. When applied to the scalp, it balances the level of sebum on a dry, as well as oily scalp. Due to its close similarity to sebum, application of Jojoba oil to the scalp causes overactive oil glands to produce less sebum. Make a quick mask by adding a drop or two to your regular conditioner to amp up hair’s moisture level and color retention power.
These are some tips that might help you to keep your tresses from fading. If you have any questions, hit me up on here and I’ll be happy to help! ~ Nick Trombetta #salonmaffei


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